Our Mission

The Supreme Court has broken democracy by dismantling the Voting Rights Act, allowing dark money to flood our politics, and approving partisan gerrymandering. The mission of Take Back the Court is to prevent the Court from striking down new laws designed to restore democracy.

The McConnell-Roberts Court Has Sabotaged Democracy

The McConnell-Roberts Court is engaged in a long-term effort to sabotage democracy on behalf of corporations and elites. The Court has eviscerated voting rights, allowed a flood of dark money into politics, approved hyper-partisan gerrymandering, and undermined workers' ability to organize, to say nothing of compromising women's right to control their bodies, blocking gun safety legislation, and gutting environmental regulations. Nor does the Court's extremist majority reflect the will of the people. Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch were chosen by a President who lost the popular vote and confirmed by a Senate whose majority was elected by a minority of voters. President Obama was prevented from filling an open vacancy, an unprecedented theft in U.S. history. A stolen Supreme Court, in short, stands in the way of the people's ability to govern and regulate themselves.

The Urgency of Court Expansion

There is only one option for saving democracy. As soon as the Democrats return to power in 2020 (re-taking control of the Senate and White House), they should eliminate the Senate filibuster that allows obstructionism and pass a new law adding seats to the Supreme Court to nullify the stolen and illegitimate seats alongside other critical pro-democracy measures like restoring the right to vote and ensuring that all Americans are represented in Congress.