Take Back the Court Response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Comments on Court Expansion

Washington, DC - Today, Take Back the Court director Aaron Belkin issued the following response to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's opposition to expanding the Supreme Court:

"Justice Ginsburg is a hero and an inspiration. On the Supreme Court, she is an essential voice and a vote for justice for all Americans. We need more like her. But I am sure Justice Ginsberg would agree it is not her role to say that the Court has become a political institution co-opted by Republicans, or to call for reforms. It is our role--and the role of our leaders--to say it and to do something about it."

"The very fact that a sitting Supreme Court Justice is being asked publicly about the need for adding seats shows the growing understanding of the damage the Court has done to our democracy and our rights. It highlights the growing consensus about the need to take back the Court by adding more justices who embrace that the role of the court is to protect democracy. The threat is clear and the solution is common sense. That is why ten Democratic presidential candidates have said they are open to expanding the Supreme Court."

Aaron Belkin