Mark Tushnet (Chair)

Harvard Law School

Mark Tushnet is William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Professor Tushnet, who graduated from Harvard College and Yale Law School and served as a law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall, specializes in constitutional law and theory, including comparative constitutional law. His research includes studies examining (skeptically) the practice of judicial review in the United States and around the world.

Carol Anderson

Emory University

Carol Anderson is Charles Howard Candler Professor of African American Studies at Emory University. Professor Anderson’s research and teaching focus on public policy; particularly the ways that domestic and international policies intersect through the issues of race, justice and equality in the United States.

W. Kamau Bell

CNN host & ACLU Ambassador for Racial Justice

W. Kamau Bell is a sociopolitical comedian who is the host and executive producer of the Emmy Award winning CNN docu-series United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell. He also recently debuted a stand-up comedy special on Netflix, directed the critically-acclaimed documentary Cultureshock: Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain, and has hosted three critically-acclaimed podcasts. Kamau’s writing has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter,, Salon, The LA Review of Books, and The Establishment.


Annalien De Dijn

Utrecht University

Annelien de Dijn is Professor of History at Utrecht University. De Dijn obtained her PhD in 2005 at the University of Leuven. She then worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University, U.C. Berkeley and the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study. From 2011 to 2017 she worked at the University of Amsterdam as assistant professor.

Alicia Garza

Black Lives Matter (co-Founder)

Alicia Garza is an Oakland-based organizer, writer, public speaker and freedom dreamer who is currently the Special Projects Director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance, the nation’s leading voice for dignity and fairness for the millions of domestic workers in the United States. Garza also co-founded the Black Lives Matter network and her articles and interviews have been featured in Time, Mic, The Guardian,, Essence, Democracy Now!, and The New York Times.

Paul Henderson

San Francisco Department of Police Accountability

Paul Henderson is a nationally recognized speaker, veteran prosecutor and champion for social justice. Henderson has spent his entire professional career working in public service for the city of San Francisco and most recently was appointed Director of the Department of Police Accountability. Henderson is a contributing writer at Politico and also appears regularly on MSNBC, CNN, PBS and is the on-air legal analyst for the SF affiliate of CBS news.


Shauna Marshall

University of California, Hastings

Shauna Marshall is the Honorable Raymond L. Sullivan Professor of Law at University of California, Hastings. Marshall joined the Hastings faculty in 1994 as a Clinical Law Professor. Prior to joining the faculty, she spent 15 years working on behalf of the public interest. She began her career as a trial attorney for the US Department of Justice, Antitrust Division. Five years later, she joined Equal Rights Advocates as a staff attorney working on impact cases, policy initiatives and mobilizing campaigns on behalf of low income women and women of color. She then spent four years lecturing in the areas of civil rights and community law practice at Stanford Law School and directing the East Palo Alto Community Law Project.

Samuel Moyn

Yale Law School

Samuel Moyn is Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence at Yale Law School and Professor of History at Yale University. His areas of interest in legal scholarship include international law, human rights, the law of war, and legal thought, in both historical and current perspective. Over the years he has written in venues such as Boston Review, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dissent, The Nation, The New Republic, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

Aziz Rana

Cornell Law School

Aziz Rana is a Professor of Law at Cornell Law School. Rana’s research and teaching center on American constitutional law and political development, with a particular focus on how shifting notions of race, citizenship, and empire have shaped legal and political identity since the founding. In addition to multiple books, he has written essays and op-eds for such venues as The New York Times, The Nation,,, Jacobin, and N+1.


Ann Ravel

Federal Election Commission (former Chair)

Ann M. Ravel was nominated to the Federal Election Commission by President Obama on June 21, 2013. She joined the Commission on October 25, 2013 and served as Chair for 2015 and Vice Chair for 2014 before leaving in 2017. Previously, Ms. Ravel served as Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission. She is a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law and a candidate for the California State Senate.

Stephany Rose Spaulding

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Stephany Rose Spaulding is a candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado as well as Director of Women's & Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado Colorado Springs and Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church. She earned a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University and a Master of Divinity from the Iliff School of Theology. She has extensive experience in building bridges to people outside of her personal and professional circle, and building a dynamic sense of community for herself and others.

Manny Yekutiel

Manny's, San Francisco, CA

Manny Yekutiel is the Founder of Manny's in San Francisco. He was previously the Finance Director of Senator Mark Leno's Mayoral campaign, Silicon Valley finance director for Secretary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign, Chief of Staff of, a field organizer in President Obama's 2012 Presidential campaign and a White House Intern in the Summer of 2011.


Evan Wolfson

Freedom to Marry (Founder)

Evan Wolfson was founder and president of Freedom to Marry, the campaign that won marriage in the United States, and is widely considered the architect of the movement that led to nationwide victory in 2015. Having achieved in 2015 the goal he had pursued for 32 years, Wolfson now devotes his time to advising and assisting diverse movements and causes in the US and around the world eager to adapt the model and apply the lessons that made the Freedom to Marry campaign so successful. Wolfson teaches law and social change at Georgetown Law Center, where he has been named a Distinguished Visitor from Practice.